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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

You Only Live Twice


James Bond infiltrates the headquarters of the bad guy and wins.

The Good


This is a watchable movie. (+1) Many parts of it are exciting enough to not want to stop the movie in midstream. (+1) The movie, the actors, and the special effects were all done very competently (albeit a bit dated now). (+1)

Story Line

The story line makes sense once you accept the premise of a near-super secret agent. There is a mad scientist who wants the US and the USSR to go to war with each other, so, he kidnaps both countries’ space craft. (+1)


The actors in this are just terrific. Sean Connery and Donald Pleasence head the cast, and other than the girls who all they need do is look sexy, each of the others makes an effort. (+1) In addition, again much of the scenery is just splendid.

The Bad

All of the sex in this movie is gratuitous. I know that we’ve come to expect Bond to have sex with every girl that breathes, but, there is no reason to show anything but the after affects. (-1)
There is a fair amount of violence in this movie. Anything truly gory happens offscreen, but there are many fights and chase scenes, some of which don’t move the story along. (-1)

The Ugly

3: If you've nothing better to do.


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