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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

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Young adults have sex, get killed.

The Good


This is a barely watchable movie (+0). It was actually difficult to sit through the whole thing. If you are into gratuitous gore and sex, it is watchable, otherwise, rent something else. The director used no CGI for the gore effects, but did everything old-school, and it looks like it. Ridiculous fountains of blood and obviously choreographed fights.

Story Line

The story line makes no sense at all. College kids are in an oriental area. Four have serious personality flaws, and one does not. After seeing some gory butchering of a dog (for food), they go into a porno theater. A random asian fellow befriends them. It turns out he is the brother of a policeman killed by the owner of the porno theater. Everyone gets killed off except for the good girl, her bad boyfriend, and the brother of the cop. Way too many coincidences for any kind of story line.


The actors in this look too much like high-school actors. Over-emoting lines, but showing no true emotion. Oh well, it’s a bloodfest, not theater.

The Bad

All of the sex in this movie is gratuitous. There is no reason for a stripper, no reason for it being in a porno theater, no reason for sex between partners, and no reason for sex between non-partners. (-1)
There is a tremendous amount of violence. The violence occurs onscreen, but does not move the plot along at all, except for the beating of the cop. All the rest is pointless and only there to show off the expertise of the special effects person. (-1)

The Ugly

-2: Don’t Waste Your Time.


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