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Monday, November 20, 2006

Lord of War


Gunrunner’s diary of how he came to traffic in guns, his rise to fame/infamy, and his eventual downfall.

The Good


This is tremendously watchable movie (+1). There are no obvious technical or continuity gaffes. (+1) There is some intentional humor, (+1) and it makes the characters more approachable (+1). This movie is beautifully done, and it is pleasurable to watch over and over (+1)

Story Line

The story line is believable. (+1) None of the characterizations nor the various scenes get in the way of the story. The viewer comes to understand the characters, whether the wife who doesn’t ask questions, the zealous cop who won’t break the law to nab a lawbreaker, the insane dictator, the old-world gunrunner, or the main character. Each adds to the story line, and makes us believe their portrayal. (+1)

This reminds me very much of the book (since turned into a movie) Thank You For Smoking. It’s portrayal of someone who rationalizes his salesmanship of a dangerous product makes the viewer accepting of the flaws of the main character. It is not a tremendously original concept, but it has been done well. (+1/2)


Each character is done well, and we begin to care about them and their lives. (+1)

The Bad

There were no obvious technical issues with the film. There is plenty of violence. But, each instance of violence helps the plot and/or characterizations. There are sexual scenes. But, each one (except one of the earlier ones) helps the plot and/or characterizations. (-1/2)

The Ugly

+8: Buy this DVD! You’ll want to watch this one again.


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