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Monday, November 20, 2006

Head of State


Local politician is put up to run for president. He decides to be himself, rather than parrot the lines his handlers want. Much hilarity ensues.

The Good


This is quite a watchable movie (+1). There are no obvious technical or continuity gaffes. (+1) The humor and injokes are plentiful (+1), and it is a pleasant movie to watch over and over (+1)

Story Line

Once the premise of the movie is accepted, much of what follows makes sense in a zany kind of way. (+1) Each character is drawn with a broad brush, and we don’t really get to care about most of them. But, you cannot expect more in a comedy.
There is not much new here that hasn’t already been done in a comedy. The only major difference is that the Alderman-turned-Presidential-candidate is black. This allows Chris Rock to do some of his comedy riffs about growing up in a poor neighborhood. (+1/2)


The acting in this is average. The characterizations are played broadly, since that is most effective in a comedy. (+1/2)

The Bad

There were no obvious technical issues with the film.
There is no violence (except when the brothers punch each other) and no sex. There is a hint of sexuality, but the protagonist denies his urges.

The Ugly

+6: Time well spent


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